Sunday, September 28, 2008

Production Titles: 13th Hour Films

This is the production slate for my film label Thirteenth Hour Films under which I will be producing "The Organ Grinder". All elements were created from scratch in After Effects with found photos, textures, and sounds. This is a rough draft. Not by any means a finished piece. The sound needs more work and I'm not yet satisfied with the text font, size and color. Work in progress.
More to come.


Lee Luker said...

yow kid, lovin it...real nice. always admired the well conceived production titles. I agree the sound needs a tweak. possibly a lil softer on the gears or a single ominous chime with slow dissipation? what about a crescendo/swell of strings/tone behind it? a lil musical touch could kick it up a natch. just my thoughts. overall, awesome stuff buddy.

Adam said...

Very nice man. I'm impressed.