Sunday, September 28, 2008

Production Titles: 13th Hour Films

This is the production slate for my film label Thirteenth Hour Films under which I will be producing "The Organ Grinder". All elements were created from scratch in After Effects with found photos, textures, and sounds. This is a rough draft. Not by any means a finished piece. The sound needs more work and I'm not yet satisfied with the text font, size and color. Work in progress.
More to come.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Organ Grinder: Head Mold pt.1

After completing the head sculpt I built a wooden box around it to create the plaster mold. Many people have different ways they do this, here's how I roll:

A) Pour first half of plaster up to the ears. Set ping pong balls for keys. Let harden for approx 2-4 hours.

B) Prepare hardened mold for 2nd half of pour. Remove ping pong balls, cover surface of mold with release agent (Crisco works fine). You can see I set screws into his pupils. That is so that the screws will anchor to the second half of the mold and pull out of the clay head upon separation. They need to be in the mold when the silicone rubber is poured so that the eyes will create eye sockets in the silicone rubber.

C) Pour 2nd half of mold, let harden for approx 2-4 hours.

D) Remove wood stocks and gently separate mold with a flat head screw driver. Lastly, clean mold thoroughly with soap and water.

Thanks for chekin' me out! Comments welcome!

Organ Grinder: Mugshot (revised)

Here's a revision of the Organ Grinder's head/face. Dado gave me a few criticisms on the original. I changed his forehead so the wrinkles are predominantly horizontal instead of how I had them going vertically. I also gave him some jowl definition with a couple frown lines. I appreciate the tips Dado. I think these changes make a huge difference.
Thanks for checkin' me out! More to come.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Organ Grinder: Mugshot

Shots of the Organ Grinder's head in modeling clay. Next I will pour a mold for his head and then cast it in silicone rubber. More to come comments welcome.