Saturday, February 14, 2009


I started with the form or the basic shape and outline in my head. The humanoid element to the sketch came out somewhere along the line.

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Peachesbabee said...

this is incredible. I actually could not stop staring at this piece. I began to fee l so much sorrow over the obvious plight of this giraffe. I wanted to know if he actually found any sustenance at all. Did he soon after die? then i began to say to he didn't die. Then if he didn't...then what? then i began to question.... was he strong enough to go on? But then i looked at the image closely....and stopped my inquiries. I noted from the folding of his hands...i resolved that none of the previous was the case. I assumed he was surrendering to the condition he was in, and if he did or didn't reach this one lone be it. Wow...great. Thanks for the story in my head.